Our Lore

Stories that will make you fall in love with your Little Aliens all over again
Deep within the vast unexplored regions of space, there is a cluster of planets known as Wethoria-9. Wethoria-9 is known for two things: their planet-sized satellite dish and the inhabitants’ uncanny shapeshifting abilities. After picking up and consuming all of the pop culture media from stray Earth radio waves, the Wethorian species grew impatient waiting for the next big thing! A delegation of 1,000 Wethorians were assigned a mission: * Travel to Earth * Assimilate in with the culture * Return to Wethoria-9 with necessary skills to make their own TV shows, Movies and Video Games On the long voyage through the stars, the ship started to beep and alarm the Wethorians of a critical engine failure. It seemed, the crew piloting the ship forgot to perform routine engine maintenance as they had spent too much time drinking soda pop and watching earth shows via a mobile satellite. The navigation controls suddenly stopped responding and the spacecraft veered off-course. As they scurried to fix the issue, the door swung open and 10 of them flew out into space. The remaining 990 Wethorians were able to get the door closed but alas could not get the ship stabilized and continued to spiral out of control. They crash-landed in the southern Nevada desert but emerged mostly unscathed, save for a few cuts and bruises. Unsure of what to expect, the Wethorians all shape-shifted into amalgamations of their favorite Earth cultures and set out on their mission…
The above origin story sets the stage for an epic journey through space and time. Our creative team will continue filling in the blanks and explaining the traits, characters and their adventures!