What Is Little Alien Club?

Little Alien Club is a community-focused art and game collective leveraging blockchain technology to celebrate a series of hand-drawn digital collectibles. Our mission is to bring enjoyable and professional experiences in a range of products that honor our brand. Owning a Little Alien Club digital collectible offers unique benefits including premium membership to our club, access to exclusive experiences and priority on future drops.

A Little Alien History

Little Alien Club launched on to the Web3 scene in Q3 '21 by way of its titular 990-piece PFP collection on the Polygon Blockchain, and has successfully traded over 14ETH in volume since inception.
From what was once destined to be an adorable PFP project, LAC quickly morphed into a growing community of like-minded users with sights set on bringing additional utility & gamification to the project. Now that you've read a little about our past, continue on to learn about our vision for the future.